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fine nude art picture book - amazing nudes

AMAZING NUDES -  fine nude art picture book

Nude art photography is probably the most difficult and fascinating kind of photography. It combines beauty, art, sensuality, glamour, aesthetic, colors, shapes, lines, creativity and eroticism in one single form of artwork.

Finding the right composition which leads to  stunning pictures is the result of talent, work, passion and visual imagination.

Millions of nude photos can be seen everywhere, but only a few of them can be actually called “amazing.” AMAZING NUDES has selected only those pictures which really impress the viewer through a special kind of magic.

This picture book is a handpicked, curated collection of the world´s most amazing nude photography. AMAZING NUDES celebrates the most talented photographers. It pays homage to female beauty and caters to art collectors, art galleries, art museums, magazine editors, designers and photography enthusiasts.


product dimensions
11.69 x 8.27 inches (297mm x 210 mm), landscape format

book cover
hardcover with lamination

color-, and black and white photos with a short description of the photographer with contact information, printed on high quality paper. Approximately 200 pages (depending on the amount of approved photographers)

date of release
autumn/winter 2014

worldwide distribution, orderable online and in every local book store
limited edition, 1000 copies

49.95 USD (shipping: 10 USD)

free copy
More than 100 copies will be sent to selected art galleries, museums, magazine editors and art curators of more than 20 nations. All published photographers will get a free copy of the book (free shipping).

will follow



Only approved artists will be showcased. An international judging panel of five curators will review the submissions. Each curator is well experienced in art, design or photography.

Talented photographers (amateur and professional) who are just beginning their careers are very welcome, but this publication also showcases reputed photographers that have been invited to promote their work in this internationally distributed book. If you want to showcase your work and be recognized by art collectors, art galleries and magazine editors, send us up to four images of your best work (small resolution, longest side 900px), a link to your website and a short biography or statement of your work.

In the case of acceptance, we will present your portfolio (two or three photos, profile text with your contact information) on two full-size pages (double page) of AMAZING NUDES.

You will remain the copyright owner of your photographs. You will grant us a worldwide, royalty-free, irrevocable, non-exclusive license to publish the selected images in the book AMAZING NUDES and promote it (online and print media). You will guarantee that you have a model release from all pictured persons and, if necessary, a property release for all shown properties, real estate and sculptures. All models must be 18 years or older. No content that shows pornography, violence or other offensive topics are allowed.

A financial contribution to this book project is obligatory for each accepted photographer presented in AMAZING NUDES. The publishing fee is 450 USD (payment in advance by bank transfer or Paypal). If you want your photo to be presented on the book´s front cover, the participation fee will be 1500 USD in case of acceptance.

All applications are free of charge. The participation fee will only be charged in case of acceptance and printed publication of your work.

All published photographers will get a free copy of the book (with free shipping).



photography award  fine nude artAMAZING NUDES PHOTOGRAPHY AWARD

The judging panel will honor the published photographer whose work receives the most scoring points during the selection process.

This photographer will get the prestigious AMAZING NUDES PHOTOGRAPHY AWARD 2014 as a testimonial of an outstanding achievement.

amazing nudes photography award




We will strongly promote this book by different means to achieve a wide distribution all over the world. The approved photographers will benefit from our excellent network in the field of art and photography. Selected art galleries, museums and art curators of more than 20 nations will get a FREE copy of AMAZING NUDES.

Press releases will be sent to the editors of photo and art magazines with request for a review. Social media campaigns will also be started.

All this will help to gain exposure for the showcased photographers, which is an important milestone of an artist´s career.



  • your work and talent will be honored by a panel of judges
  • your images will be published in a picture book which only shows the best nude art photographers of the world
  • your pictures will be seen by more than hundred art gallery directors, art buyers and editors of magazines around the world and numerous photography enthusiasts
  • you will gain exposure - your chance to show and sell your artworks worldwide
  • your chance of getting the prestigious title and award "AMAZING NUDES PHOTOGRAPHY 2014"
  • build up your reputation as international photographer with outstanding achievements
  • get significant worldwide promotion and enjoy new opportunities (exhibitions, photography projects, invitations to photo events, being showcased in photo and art magazines...)

All this will put you above and beyond the thousands of unknown and unrecognized photographers.


Invest in your career and get world-wide recognition. Apply now:


copyright 2014 by AMAZING NUDES

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